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    Nevada ranchers Cliven Bundy and Ramona Hage-Morrison, long-time victims of the misplaced
and misapplied power of the federal government, will be on the Churchill County Fairgrounds stage
in Fallon September 10th to tell of their battles to save their family heritage, property rights and to
protect rangeland grazing.  They will also talk about fighting for state sovereignty and what needs
be done about unlawful Federal law enforcement activities.


   Bundy's 25-year fight against the Bureau of Land Management and the Park Service came to a
head in April when nearly 200 armed agents and snipers, without lawful police powers, surrounded
his ranch to take his cattle and drive him out of business, as they have done with practically every
other cattleman in Clark County.


   Ramona was deeply involved in her family's 35-year struggle to keep their ranching operation alive
in the Tonapah area.  The ongoing court battle included actions in two federal courts, eleven weeks of
trial and nine published court decisions. Finally, a federal judge ruled that agencies of US Department
of the Interior and US Forest Service were conducting a continuing criminal conspiracy against the Hages.


   The persistent efforts of Federal agencies to restrict ranching in the western states through the use of
environmental protection mandates, endangered species laws and arbitrarily classifying regions as
wilderness areas have cut cattle ranching in Nevada by 50 percent in the past 40 years.  Sheep
populations have fallen by 90 percent.


   At the same time, the number of federal agents has risen substantially while the populations of wildlife
have dropped, the number of predators has risen and the incidents and intensity of wildfires have grown


   After relating their experiences in fighting for their rights and their ideas for protecting rangeland grazing,
Cliven and Ramona will accept questions from the audience.   The event will begin at 6 p.m. September
10th at the Churchill County Fairgrounds stage.  Entry is free.


For more information email fallonteaparty@aol.com or contact Jim Falk at 619-887-6808.

Article in Range Magazine by Ramona:  Eye of the Storm

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